BR Systems Electric Lift Bike Rack Including Remote control. Excludes freight


Some vehicles require the bike-carrier to be mounted higher up, which makes loading and unloading more difficult. The BR System Bike Lift's fully automated platform lowering capability offers the perfect solution.

Thanks to an integrated 12V Volt motor with switch, the platform of the Bike Lift can be raised and lowered 110cmm, making at accessible at ground level on the majority of vehicles. This eliminates the need for you to lift the bike yourself. Plus it is far more comfortable to find the perfect setting for your bikes when they are closer to the ground. Witha  maximum loading of 60kg, this system is perfect for two E-bikes.

Additional features:

The end position on of the 12 Volt motor is easily adjusted to manage the lift range

Double safety against unwanted lowering while driving

Manual override system in case of power loss

Sturdy and simple platform locking for extra safety while driving

Adjustable wheel holders for smaller bikes

Moveable bike holding arms

Strong internal anchor points included

SKU: 10000-120

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